Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Sweetest Thing From GOD :)

All of us were born in a different date and time. Although, there's still a possibility that some of us were born in the same date or time, but that's not definitely be the same one another. So, by having different special date of birth, most of people celebrate it annually with all sweet things. Birthday cake, cupcakes, gifts, balloons, and extra details on decoration fulfilled the entire celebration room. Inviting family and friends, clowns and any relatives maybe the 'things-to-do' to share the cheerfulness at that once-a-year moment, together.

Seventeenth. Seems like there's nothing special about that numerical word. But, most of people in the world have a stereotype that a girl who reach their seventeenth-years-old birthday should (some people marks it as "a must") celebrate it with a party, the greatest one. Why? Most of people says a girl already has her maturity when she becoming seventeenth so there's no problem if celebrate it greater than another. Another people argues that being seventeenth is special, you will do anything you want because everything become more legal. And i thinks that being seventeenth is a joyfulness, no need a greatest party or whatever, just simple as that.

Well, when the day switched and my calendar on the cellphone showed Oct26, i knew that this year is my seventeenth years of life. I feel grateful because i still have a chance to take my breath, feel the freshness of the air for seventeenth years long. Growing up with mother, father, and sisters who loves me anything i am. Surrounds by the people who always coloring my monochromatic days and widening my smiles on any places, any moments, which i loves to call them...... f r i e n d s. I really thanked to God for all of His grace on my birthday.

I didn't receive any present wrapped with glossy paper or birthday cake. No surprises. Yeah, actually there's nothing else except the lkindness and wishes from people around me, people in my life, entire. My seventeenth birthday is a holy-holiday. That's another "gift" for myself.

Well, it wasn't a mainstream sweet seventeenth birthday because yeah there's nothing special celebration or party but i got surprised, really surprised.. when i woke up there's about 300 birthday greetings and wishes! My mom and dad kissed me and pray for me. Friends sent their wishes and some of them was making a joke like "pinguin, pingsan, pingsky, pingko, etc" oh-so-THANKYOUUUUUU guys!

And i knew that people still realized that i am exist as a human hehehe :)

For sure, my sixteenth birthday were sweeter than these but being seventeenth is a sweetest thing that God gave for me. AMDG :*