Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

I do believes...

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." 

- Paolo Coelho -

Senin, 18 Juli 2011

Welcoming Senior High

Hoo-la-la my TimeMachine! Long time no post yea..

It's been a week plus a couple of day in my new life as a senior high student. There's so much fun than i expected before. Being a part of .....umm i meant being a family of Gonzaga College class of 2014 a.k.a Gonzaga #25 made me feel so proud to myself because i've been chosen to meet a lot of friendly and amazing people there :)

Well, in this senior high i have no time to just be relax. Everyday will be a new days with a new task. Every minutes is so priceless, full of chances.

I must study harder! Preparing myself for applying class of social-knowledge in the next year, it was my biggest dream this year hahaha. I know it's looks like a weird dream to entering a social-knowledge class but i love it, no matter what people says: i am what i am and i should proud of myself :)

Last but not the least, fully dedicated for my lovely 6th division + pangdiv - angdiv :

kami-siswa-gonzaga-dari-di-visi-e-nam-kami-keren-kece-cantik-dan-gan-teng-gan-teng-lalala-aku-sa-yang-se-kali-di-vi-si-e-naaaaaaamm :*

Gonzaga #25 - Family of 6th Division (X-6)

Kamis, 07 Juli 2011


There's a couple days left which called a holiday-ay and then.. I'm not jobless anymore -- woohoo -- haha.

I'm so excited to entering a new-school-life as a tenth grader of my favorite senior high school which i wished to be my senior high when i was a fifth grader at elementary school and yeah (finally) i belong to it -- hurray -- even though,

it's too hard for me to erase all the memories which had written permanently in my mind by all my lovely CONFETTI LITE(s) as known as VCT#53 :')

Whoa........ i will really miss my times at St.Vincentius for suuuuure!

My freak'n'funny friends
                                            my good partners
my friendly teachers and staffs
all the cozy spots
and ayayay jeng-jeng-jeng: 



Without a blank paper and a pen
I will write down on my mind
Times can't be rewind