Selasa, 10 November 2015

have you ever known?

the art of
letting go your happiness
and trade it off with your loved one
is the hardest part
of loving someone.

when the one you loved
currently in love with
the other one
your fantasy,

it feels like
you are just a speck
of dust
within the galaxy.

Rabu, 04 November 2015

a letter to the mountain

once you pick a peak
please consider the highest
as your vital interest
to be conquered
up into the
me begin
by telling you
sort of things,
higher you climb
it will stifle your soul
and as the wind might not swirl gently
as you felt earlier
then the sun would probably
send you 'til the
catastrophe level of /////////////////////////// - should we call it - love ?
because merely the irrationality
play a dominance role
above the rational choices
to not to climb
higher // and ///// a // more ///// higher?
leaving the ground
by no such bias emotions
all ended up
like when you only head up
seeing the bright sky for the twice
but nothing can changes
what already done
you brought me an end
to find a way back
to not to look
who's by