Kamis, 24 September 2015

Tick and Tock

I found myself hide in the dark.
Maybe it was my choice, or maybe I just being chosen to be there.
I found myself lack of answers,
for who I am today and for who I'm gonna be.

Stereotype will lasts for the rest of the time, if we let it glued to the tick and tock.
Mutual perception is irreversible construct along with the tick and tock.
Does the tick and tock care about what's really happen to me?

I'm not sure enough to answer,
once again I should remind you to recognize that I found myself in the dark.
Could I see what's being happen to myself and the tick and tock?
Should I pretend like there's no tick and tock?

Wait... what?

I guess I found the light in the darkest night when I throw up my head in the dark,
there's a connection between stars above the night sky,
even in the darkest night.

So, who you think will be really matter for light up myself?

The stars, I hope it's you.
Not tick, nor tock.  


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