Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009


Ohh... Today i feel so bored! Nothing inpired me to do some useful activity. I just want to sleep. Sleeeep. And take a rest in my bedroom. Is not crazy? It's boredom! My boredom was start even I wake up in the 9 o'clock in the morning. I was waking up and feel sooo hungry XD ... And then I must go to my bathroom to clean my body *the bad sentences^^* It means I can take a shower ~haha~ And you know.. Every I see the water and feel it. I'm really feel so fresh! My bad mood and my boredom (absolutely) was gone. Water. That is my favorite! I love water sooo much! ^^
Okay, after I feel free (it cause the water) ~hehe~ I have my breakfast (or lunch?) at 12 o'clock. Nothing special in this session. I just eat with rice, chicken chunk, and drink a glass of 'water' :D ~ohh so lebayy~
FYI : lebayy it means over in English. Right? hahaha. Sorry if my English so broke. But i just want to try to make a good posting in English. It just a study lhaa.. wkwk^0^o
Btw, now I think I was do something useful. Yeaa.. Make a posting for my blog! Actually, I was already to change my blog skin, nevertheless I don't know how to edit the HTML code for make the blog skin useful into my blog. This is it. ~hehe~ I want to change my blog skin!!!! Ohhh...... somebody help me??? Pleaseee... *lebayy ahh* ~wkwkwk~
Maybe you think 'why I'm not facebooking?' For you know.. I'm so bored to online in my facebook account. Really boring! It cause I can't upload my photos. Uhhh. Whats wrong? Stupidybility >o< ~hahaha~
Yaaa.. that is some reason why make me feel so bored! Ooo..... I miss my bestie. Where is he now? yayaya. My freaky-funny-crazy mood was ON. ohhh.

Heyhey, want to looking for some special picture? I was found that exclusive picture from the official site of Simple Plan! weew... It's make me feel better now. That is for today.

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