Rabu, 30 September 2009


Ohh so bored! I was feel bored everytime. Everyday. But its still normal. hehe. I dont know what can I do for spend my time..
Online? hmm.. must think about it later cause I often do that. And makes me bored -,-"
Sleep? Absolutely I can get the sreaming voices from my mother. She told me that sleep all the day is very.. veryy.. not good! But I think is normally what should i do? I must take a rest and enjoyng my dreams. hahaha. Yea I know, sleep all the day wil make me lazy. And my mother mostly don't like it.
Reading? I was read a lot of books in the school library. But in my homeyy roomyy... It will makes me sleepy. Just for you know, I love sleeping so much..... XD Yaa! Sometimes I snored too ^o^0 (L-O-L)
Eat? Good! But what can I eat for now?
Watch TV? How can I do if my television is under controled my li'l sister..... Owwh
Blogging? Yeaa.. thats what I do for now :D I was stop blogging for the long - looong - looooong times! It because I must do my homeworks, study, and running OSIS's proggrams. It makes me so tired. Busy? yeaa... hahaha
Hopefully I will blogging everyday. Cause I want to share my stories. In this my

Anybody help me? I wants to change my templates. But I have a lot of troubles to edit the html code. Amateur. haha.

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