Selasa, 17 November 2009

Today's Update

Hey yow, sudah sekali rasanya saya tidak meng-update blog ini. Sorry, all... I have a lot of thinks to do, specially for this bussy month. Owh, November is coming. And now is November the 17th! Hmm... my latest update was on Octoberr the 20th!? Woww, just wait two days and it will be one month without update anything! ckck. Stupid me XD

I feel something different on this dashboard (blogger dashboard). Yeaa, on the make a new posting's tab, I'm just seeing 7 buttons! Where's the font colour button? I didn't see it. And font button? Is it a newest application that Blogger give to all of blogger around the world? If it is right, why? Ahh... My blog will being black and white! ckck. hahaha. Yaya, no problem, love it!!!

Hey, I have another thinks to do now. I will update this blog, updating my twitter, and also check out my tumblr. Hihihi. Promotion mood: ON ;D

Hmm.. I want to change my header. hehe. Should I? Lets see it how will I do after updating this blog! haha. See ya! This time I am going to updating my tumblr and also watch the big match between Indonesia U-19 vs Hong Kong U-19 on U-19 AFC Cup 2009. hehehe. Live report from Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Bandung. Go INDONESIA!!!

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