Rabu, 05 Oktober 2011

Maybe it's . . . you?

Finally, i felt the sense of that "electricity" (again) when all of this serebrum fulfilled with a shadow of indescribable mystery of life.

How can i realize what should be realized before. It's too late. I've made a wrong decision. Made a wrong way of thought. There's no chance to rewind.

Now, what i can do is letting the life's story go on and on. See what it may takes. Hear what i should not hear.

Based on the harsh things above, i would like to rebuild what am i tried to build in several years ago. DREAMS. Yeah, i won't kill my dream for the second times with the same "wrong" way anymore. Killing a dream for another (fake) dream merely make you reach none of them.


TimeMachine, could you bring me back to any old days?

I'm lack of hopes for reaching what i wanna reach.

For believing what should i keep believes on.

I'm craving.

Keep on turning and searching what is missing.

Until i found what it hopes about.

The sense of "electricity" which running through my vein.

The shadow of  someone which creeps into my nights.

Have you ever think?

That shadow maybe,

it's you.

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