Senin, 02 Desember 2013

help me to love you.

It's three days left before final exam's week on my 5th semester and they gave me mathematics for the first day of the 2nd Try-Out? 
Super yummy........ 


Don't ever think that i love mathematics (trust me). Mathematics seemed like a numerical monster when i met them on senior high level. Logarithm, trigonometry, or whatever they named that tricky numerical order, why are you so complicated to solve?

Sometimes, i got busy to think why there's still some people who love this complex things so much 'til they go to the college or university then apply for mathematics faculty. 
For me, the best thing from learn math is:

 you can get free paper full of questions with shapes, diagram, or lines so you can doodle on it :)

Although i don't love you, but most of cool universities love you so much. 
Damn, much!
Well, i should learn to love you from now on.

Dear, mathematics.

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