Minggu, 01 Desember 2013


It's been a long time since the last post.
This kind of personal TimeMachine, become shabbier each year i guess.

Well, i've been amused to know that this blog finally reach (let's say) 5k visitors since the first time i created this. Hahaha kinda hard to believe yet so happy to know it. Thanks whoever you guys who eventually dropping by or even who (accidentally) get lost in the internet, then unfortunately find my TimeMachine. I know this is the useless site for you guys, once again, i guess :)

No doubt, i rarely post anythin' here. Although i have bunch of memories, experiences and thoughts that i wanna share with you guys but being a moody one isn't easy, even to entering blogger's dashboard and  write what i want. Feelin' harder as you have to wake up early in the holiday. Just an analogy.

While i'm on the hiatus mode, few from you guys left some comments in my shoutout box. In my response to some comments which already been left, here i go:
"This blog is my favorite destination when i escape from the boredom or lovesick - hahaha i'm tryin' to be honest with myself and y'all now. Beyond that hard and gloomy times (yea.), i also come and write a post here to express my happiness, enthusiasm, or even to manifest one of the sports apparel's tag line "just-do-it" hahaha. So just enjoy reading and let's be friend. No need to worry guys!"

I write what i want. I write what i think. I write what i see. I write what i feel.
Simple as that.

Essays, diaries, pictures and poets. All had been posted here. Most of them is fictions but i made it based on what i think and what i really feel. Because sometimes, to show what you think or feel without any disposition you just need an analogy; sweetest wrap for the reality. Cheers!

- - - - - - - - - -

Hamlet is amazing!
Currently in love with Shakespeare's lines.
Library being the best destination for escape while i'm on my schooltime.
Family, friends and partner-in-finity (and infinity).

YELLOW - coldplay.

Nah, that's it for today.
Anyway, welcome to the last -ber month of this year: D E S E M B E R (in bahasa)

g o g o g o g o g o,


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