Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

ho ho ho christmas time

merry christmas to all of you
who are celebrating this joyful moment
Jesus born for us


hi, it's christmas timeeee.... 
i love it as much as i love ice cream, gathering, christmas tree, santa, red and green, giggles, cakes, and every single thing which related to this joyful moment!

well, this is kinda embarrassing to not be able going to church today.

no, i didn't lazy nor wake up lately. i missed the christmas "moment" at church 'cause i had stomachache and feelin' dizzy, plus... had a fever too! so i have to take a rest for a day and yaaaa it sent me to home-alone-experience (while christmas time). sigh?

mama, papa, audi and fanya went to my grandma's house, to share the joyfulness and give the season greetings. while i was at home. alone. completely doin' nothin' except sleeping, tweeting and chatting hahaha thanks to socmed for its function to connecting people easily.

yayayayaya and i should to send my thankyou for someone who accompanied me through this home-alone-experience at christmas time! as the christmas gift for that person, i sent:

well, thankyou :)

that's it for todaaaay-ay-ay hahaha can't wait for N E W Y E A R ' S E V E because i want to post #flashback moments of 2013.

God bless y'all, bye.

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