Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

Crazy Laugh on Monday

Like my title above, me and my friends had a crazy-unique situation because our bad behaviour. On Monday 27th May 2009, we had the last test on 7th grade. In Indonesia we call "Ujian Akhir Semester II" or for simple we call UAS II.
For 1st day we had UAS II on Monday just two lessons. That is PKN and English. I really didn't understand why I glad bad score in PKN test. This morning, even I study IPA in front of Teacher's Room with my friend: Shanti.. My home teacher (PKN's teacher too) Ms.Ruli tell to me about my bad score. Ireally didn't understand and mostly I SHOCK!! On Monday, I feel I can do my PKN test as well as I can. Ohh... It is true??? I hopes thats news is wrong... (amen)
Back to the topic! The first test on Monday is English, and the last test on that "crazy Monday" for me is PKN. In the Room 4 (Class of VII.1) where I sits even I had a UAS II with Thalia beside me I had my English test with a unique teacher guarded my test room. He is funny, smarter than any teachers in my school (I guess that), hmm.. he is a unique person with a unique glasses and everything about him is so funny for me and my better friends (vhii, rhaa", 3ti, kunti, hagrid, hulk, and pita).
But, in Room 4 only me "kunti" , "hagrid", and "3ti" who had test and saw my unique teacher with his unique personality. Because "pita" "vhii" and "hulk" are had a test in Room 3 (Class of IX.3).
=== Kriing.. Kriing.. The bell are ringing!! Time to go home (10:30) ===
After I do my first day test, I must have lunch, alright?? FYI: My stomatch is too big for many foods I like so much.. haha, gentong amat, yaa gua?? *o*
Yeah, canteeennn.... (kantin maksud gua) I'm ready!!
But in canteen, I didn't buy anything because my money has gone. I don't know why.. Huhu T.T
So, me and my better-freaky-funny friends shared many things we glad when we do the test. Owh, 30th minutes we (pita, rhaa", hagrid, and me) had a funny time with laughing loudy in a lonely canteen. hehehe xp. The topic is my unique teacher. We are so freaky.. We are so crazy and I think we was make a fouls to my teacher. Owwhh... Sorry my teacher!!!
Check this list :
--> VII.2/13 as pita
--> VII.2/03 as vhii
--> VII.2/18 as Ms.hagrid
--> VII.2/23 as kunti
--> VII.2/27 as 3ti
--> VII.2/01 as rhaa"
Hmm.. You know what?? Akhirnya kami ketimpa "tangga" semua gara-gara perlakuan gila kami. Mulai dari yang kena diare dan ga bisa masuk sekolah pas UAS. Ga bisa belajar gara" banyak tugas rumah, sampe pada akhirnya gua yang dibilangin guru kelas gua kalau nilai UAS gua jelek!! Sial bangettt ga, sih??
Aduhh, maap banget, nih, buat guru gua yang satu itu.. Saya janji, deh, boss.. Ga bakal ngulangin hal separah itu lagi. Kapok-pok-pokk. Bener, dah, hukum karma emang beneran ada, ya? Owhhh... T.T My suggestion: Mulutmu bener-bener HARIMAUmu.

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