Minggu, 12 September 2010

Saying Hello

Uhh long time i leave this time-machine. Hello! Miss to write down everything who stuck in my mind and what i like to say and share with my time-machine :(

Too much time i used for did my homeworks and did my home's tasks in this long holiday, so i will leaving this kinda funny activity to share my mind with you with blogging. Hmm maybe i'll be back later. Because on this September i gotta many things to do at school and the other places. Wow busy? Yeahh... as a ninth grade students i feel so busy right now! Tired, exactly 0.o

But life must go on, eh? I just enjoy it and yeah.. let it flow :)

Hmm.... It almost midnight, yayaya mom and dad will yelling me if i can't turn off this computer asap. So this is my fast update for today hahaha.

Whoaa~ really i can't wait tomorrow's trip. That will be my third trip to ... with ... for ... hahaha that's a secret. So enjoy your days-reading :D

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