Selasa, 28 September 2010

3 in 1

Hoo-lala! Yeah I'm really miss this kinda funny-weird-freak time machine! Umm I've gone for 2 weeks (I guess) and within that 2 weeks, actually I have so many experience and argument about my life and the surroundings.

This post i called 3 in 1 because in this post i tell you 3 stories in one post :)

If I can restart that 2 weeks maybe I was created this post like this :

Senin, 13 September 2010
The Third Trip

Wuaah.. It almost 7 p.m. here. Feel so tired and wet (haha). My green jacket was allowing rain to fall in me. Sooo? Yeah, I'm wet! Stopped taxi, walk alone with rain drops accompanying me, and finally … I arrived at home safely :)

Yea! I'm happy, thankful, and I wanna watch that movies again!


Okay, let me explain about my activity today and why I've arrived at home wetly in the evening.

So, today I've a plan with my friend and best friend *HUHA* to watch some movies in our favorites (cheap and chic) cinema. We were make this plan from long and loooong time ago. Yeah we met at somewhere at 11 a.m. then we was going to the cinema by taxi.

Yeah.. 11.30 a.m. we arrived there! That's my third trip with them *HUHA* and at the same destination to do the same activity with the same person we did it like the 2 trip before! Actually the films will starts at 12.45 and 14.30 p.m. umm watch back-to-back Indonesian films in the same day hahaha. So we used the about 1 hour free time to talking and playing at the bridge hahaha. FYI, in front of the cinema we can see a bridge and we always used our free time before watch movies there for enjoying time at the bridge :D

Maybe it's sounds really (really) weird! But, trust me, that's so fun and you can counting how many people used that bridge within 1 hour hahaha. We did it! And the result is 31 people OH YEAH hahahaha xD

Umm ready to watch! First movie is "Sang Pencerah" a film by Hanung Brahmantio. The story is about Ahmad Dahlan and his way to make Muhamadiyah at Indonesia. Overall i think i love this movie, the story, effects, background-setting all nice :D

And for the second movie is "Darah Garuda", the 2nd section of the "Merah Putih" trilogy. The story in this movies is about war to reach the freedom of Indonesia in 1945 :) Same like the movie before, i love this movie to. The epic story is soo interesting and li'l bit funnier than the first one.

Hey, look! Between two pictures above, you can see a the same face in the middle of each picture. Have you found it? Same people in different movies and character. And i've watch him back-to-back hahaha.

Who is he?



Lukman Sardi

Yeah, that person is Lukman Sardi! He is a talented Indonesian actor and he is my favorite one hurray :D hihihi back-to-back movies with Lukman Sardi haha.

Sabtu, 25 September 2010
Unite? Of Course We Can

Oh lalala really... I'm happy right now! Actually maybe today is my last change to wearing my lovely St.Vincentius basketball jersey that i've used since 2008. But, in today friendship match with St.Markus 1 at that place, our basketball team were winning the all (girl and boy) matches :D

Just FYI, in the first friendship matches with St.Markus that was held in April 2010 at St.Vincentius all the basketball teams (girl and boy) was winning the matches too! So, in today matches, i've ended my game successfully hihi. Yeah, I'm not good for playing basketball. But i trust, when all the player come together, unite, of course we can face anything :)

Ummmmm I wanna really really and really..... miss all the match in my junior high school times, but I'm gonna REALLY MISS :

Shanti, Vena, Cha-Cha, Audrey, Vita, Claudia, Ani and our
yellow-red-black jersey :(

Whoa~ love them all! Love the matches! The memories :"(

We're unite in SERVIAM, eh? Hmm :)


Selasa, 28 September 2010
One Day Before ...

Umm almost midnight! It means we'll should say GOODBYE 28 and HELLO 29 of September (as soon as possible cause I'm making a fast update right now! haha) :)

Today is 28th September, so?
  • One day before 9th grade retreat
  • One day before 2/3 years *HUHA* hahahahahahahahaha :))
  • One day before leave this blog again :"( huhu..

I was preparing my (school)backpack for tomorrow retreat. More than four pieces of shirts, two sweaters, one pair of groovy purple socks, for pieces of short and long pants. Just for 3 days retreat hehehe that's too much i think haha :D

I hope tomorrow my friends from 9th grade and me will have a 3 days amazing day together. Making laughs together and everything funny under HIS blessing :)

Well, it almost MIDNIGHT you know?

I will leave this TimeMachine so bye bye bye all :*

enjoy reading ;)

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