Senin, 01 Juni 2009

The Best Gift for Hiddink

Hey, folks.. I can't tell you all about latest FA CUP Final Match 2008/2009 between Chelsea and Everton from A-Z with many words and sentences. Just for information, Chelsea won the match in Wembley Stadium, London, two days ago with scores 2 - 1. Big thanks for goals from Lampard and Drogba in that match, so Chelsea's squad and all staff can accept their 5th FA CUP title with big smile axectly!! xD
And it will be the BEST gift for Hiddink after 4th month's coached Chelsea. Now, let see the pictures from the match. Enjoy it, guys...

We're the Champion!


Chelsea's coach; Guus Hiddink

David Moyes (Everton coach)

True Blues


Chelsea celebrated his victory

Drogba's goal

Lampard celebrated his goal

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