Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Now is Impossible >>!<< Next Time Unpredictable

I really want that.. But, maybe it will be realize even someone give it to me. Is the someone is you? hoho, I don't think so. hehe XD. Because my wishes too big and impossible, I guess. Hmm.. check this out :

1. Win trip to England

2. Visit Stamford Bridge, Madame Tussauds, and Buckingham Palace in London

3. Meet and great with Simple Plan

4. Get a New Volkswagen Beatle

5. Get a scolarship to Nederland
6. Study Dutch

7. Win the Bahasa Competition (religion DKI Jakarta)

8. Make a wonderful skin blog

9. Holiday in Outer-Space Hotel

Yaw, that are a little bit of my wish. I hope it will be come true. Freaky-crazy was on! hahaha. That's all for today. Ciao!

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