Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

yummy foody part one

All right, now I can share it with you. It's so simple and easy. You must only type the first thing what will you see even you read the words (all kind of food) under this sentences one by one.
Here we go...
  1. Pizza: deluxe cheese
  2. Maccaroni: curly (like me xD)
  3. Ice Cream: choco chips
  4. Spaghetti: carbonara
  5. Burger: burger king
  6. Rice: fried rice
  7. Egg: scramble egg
  8. Milk: low fat (haha)
  9. Fish: grilled fish
  10. Dounat: kispy kreme
  11. Chocolate: cadburry
  12. Caramel: yummy
  13. Coffee: cappucino
  14. Sushi: squashy
  15. Banana: smooth
  16. Smoothie: everything ;D
  17. Tart Cake: mocha
  18. Juice: avocado
  19. Noodle: Swekiauw Noodle
  20. Sashimi: awesome ^^
  21. Bread: milk.. (haa?) nice couple!
  22. Soup: creamy asparagus
  23. Fruit: apple
  24. Coke: brrr... hoho
  25. Wine: nope
  26. Beer: NO!
Okay, that's all for today.. next time I'll be completed this boredom! I wanna go to sleep.

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