Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Ballad for The Messy Room

When I woke up,
Seems so weird and messy. Freak but funny to see.

When I woke up,
All that things fillin' my eyes. Like a spectra spreading my mind.

When I woke up,
The pinky clock caught my eyes.

Remembering me to get up from my bed.

tok tik tok tik tok

Hey, it's 10 o'clock?
In the night?

God bless...

I just woke up.
Get up from my bed.
Saw my surroundings.

Then finally I know that i woke up in the night
so I can sleep again until tomorrow
morning :)

But I can't.
I just admiring my surrounding.
Eye-catching? Umm..

The pink clock still hanging in the wall.
Some photos and the artworks also hanging in the wall, accompanying tik-tok-machine.

The desk full of papers, kits, and some (un)branded things.
A cupboard with funny Sponge-Bob pin-up.
Books and pencils also straggle there. Uh!
Fill the desk and seems so messed up..


I close my eyes.

I try to sleep.

Leave all the things what i saw before.

And now I'm gonna leave from here to entering the picture above.

Good night :)

Photos: my bed room

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