Senin, 12 Oktober 2009

New Banner

Waa.. you see my new header? I was add a banner for my blog today. So far so good I think... :D
Its Cobra Starship picture who I got yesterday. Hmm... just it, what do you think? You can also tell me how I get the cool banner. Ask me ASAP. I will waiting for you
Li'l story for today :
waa, waa.... I was play EC with him. Actually its not play, but spontaneous..
(or excident?)
What EC? eye contact -- hehe ;)
where? in my class (even he walked in front of my class coridor)
and then? in front of Ruang Piket and behind the window even I was Marching Band
so? wow.. very very happy!!!
did he noticeing it? don't know.. -- hoho
love it? yaaaw
do you want it again? mostly.. but how?
you think? he is sooo cool XD
who is he? are you sure?
yaa who? no. not for this time okay?
why? scared
haa? shut up! im so sleepy...
so what now? bubyee... let me dream about him
you're crazy! no, I'm freaky-funny-friendly

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