Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009

T-Shirts for Class

Doing something interesting? Yea.. I will. Now I want to surfing to find out more about T-Shirt for my class. I'm a one of Eight One community on St.Vincentius JHS. For you know, my class is so unique and different. The class of 8.1 has 31 students [members] and Ms.Ruli Praharani as my home teacher. She is calm, friendly, cares, funny, and soo.. dicipline. Last year, even I was study on 7th grade, she was also my home teacher. ckck, how lucky I am? haha.
The class of 8.1 also called Kemocheng, Gajah Juga Sedih, Lapan Satu, and Eight One^^. The members?
:: Adit :: Sandi ::
:: Ani :: Anas :: Thomson :: Awang ::
:: Dimas :: David :: Evana :: Ezra :: Diyan ::
:: Fransis :: Inez :: Janssen :: Dado ::
:: Delin :: Tasha :: Matias ::
:: Vita :: Pingkan (me) :: Putri :: Iel ::
:: Tania :: Venti :: Vito :: Yosef :: Odi :: Yosua :: Yuli
Ms.Ruli said that we're a family. Dado as a youngest child and Fransis as the oldest child. hihi. But they also have a bad habbits too. Me too XD. Yeaya, evry members of EightOne already have a random character. Like funny, quiet, awkward, smart, weak, and more. But, we're ONE! And always be one for one years. hehehe.
This morning, my friend who sits next to me said that we (EightOne) must have the own T-Shirt for class. Like the class of NineThree --sis Nia class :D-- they have the own class T-Shirts. The colour is brown with the text "Nine [dot] Three 2009". Its cool.. and I love it! So, we plan to make a cool class T-Shirts too. And now I am going to find out more and learn how to make that dream (make a cool class T-Shirts) comes true.
Somebody help me ?

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