Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

Tottaly Freak

Hey buddy, long time no posting something. hehe. Yaa, like the tittle above "Tottaly Freak", my life within this week is tottal freak. So much tears, so much laugh, so many freaky momment and situation! How can I start to tell you abaout that?
Well, On Wednesday 14th October I was practice Marching Band usually. But theres something different! I saw him for again-again-again. First, even he walked in front of my class. Second, after school when he sat with his friends like usualy. And third, he watch I (actually his friends) played Besamo Muco and Selayang Pandang @ the fourth window from the right at Aula Vincent. He was recorded his friends who practice Marching Band freaky. Yaa... they are (his buddy) are so fraky-funny! hahaha XD
Emm, On Thursday 15th October I was had Fisika test! Its sooo difficult for me. I guess I must do the remedial. But I dont want to do it! So.... make wish come true God! Amen :D I really confused when doing that test. Just 3 from 6 that I can do! Whats wrong with me??? owhhh..... FREAK OUT

After school, Tata - Audi - Velisa - Meryn are still at school! We enjoyed to talks everything until I must practice theatre for Pensi. Ahh... I got role as Aunt Ratri. The story is about CEMPAKA. The title also called Cempaka. I'm really like the story, cause its so interesting! And I'm proud to be a part of the cru... hehehe
On Friday 16th October I was get more than 3 lessons of life!
  • First, we are must have HEART like La Piazza. It means, we must accept everything and eveyone and good or bad who comes and leave our hearts.
  • Maybe now love makes you sad, but one day in your life love can be the precious thing and somehow you can get your true love (got it from HE 3 months ago^^)
  • Take care your habbits! Be a good girls!
  • Must opened to everyone
  • Smile
  • Think the positive things
  • Friends are not same with BEST FRIEND and best friend is not always makes you happy or loves you. They can hates you. What ever.
  • Lets study (everything) :D

And then, You know my class had a problems! And its makes me sad, and angry (sometimes). I dont know what should I do! I had a problems to! I cant do my TIK and Mathematic test as well as I can! I dont know.... whats wrong with me? Just it? NO.... I'm still a L-O-L a.k.a Looser Of Love! Yeaayeaa. huh! Its so bored. And i dropped tears today at school when the second break time. huh! So weak!? ~yea i know ;p

Btw, I was on my tweeting mood. So, contact me by following me in Twitter at pingkaann. And you know? He didnt replied my sms for today! Why? I hopes he well and not upset or bored to have a best friend like me. Let hopes soo.......

Hmm.... So sleepy! My father was called me to go to bed! so I wanna say Bubyee... ^o^

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