Senin, 29 Maret 2010

More Than Words called TWO (fast update)

Finnaly I'm here, bloggie. It's almost eleven PM so I'll make a fast update for today's TimeMachine!

Allright, today is March 29th 2010 or maybe a first day of National Examination for every junior high school's student around Indonesia. And because of that, I'm had a one week holiday with a LOT of homeworks. Hmm... but that isn't the topics that I wanna share today in this fast update.

Look at this posting's tittle: More Than Words called TWO.
Yeah! Let me sahre it with you. Hemm okay I'll started it on this morning. At 01:56 AM I was on my bed. Texting. And someone called my phone-number. Right, EARLY IN THE MORNING and we were talking about everything yeah.. everything until 1,5 hours wkwkwk.

and the bla... bla.. blah... (to be continued)

Yeayha I'll be back tomorrow for editing this fast update and tell it with you so byebye. Must sleep :)

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