Jumat, 26 Maret 2010


What's wrong today? I don't know what happen with me. In the morning I woke up at 07:12 AM and start this day with smile. Felt so happy cause today is beginning of my one week holiday with many more tasks from school. Yeayha but I felt so happy this morning. Especially even he was text me on 01:15 AM wow feels so waw nyahaha. We were talking about our plan on Monday Morning on 29th March. Hemmm... (?)

Allright! I was waking up and then I went to my bathroom to take a shower in the morning. It felt sooo fresh me up hahaha. Then watch the tv and one minute after that I turned it off. Hemm nothing interesting proggramm tv today ;o. Then I accompanied my mother to go to the market. Then? Back to my home sweet home. Online. Texting. Now I'm here, on my desk seeing my laptop's screen to blogging. Yeayha it's time for blogging. Don't know what to do. http://www.emocutez.com

Hell-a-fine! Great I feel so bored. Lazy. Upset? Hemm not really but I'm on MY-BAD-MOOD soo pleaseee pleaseee don't disturb me! You know I feel so *yakss *wuekss *wew don't know why!

Hemmm I just upset with everything 'bout photos for this time! Feel E.N.O.U.G.H or maybe ENEG (in Bahasa). Hemm? The reasons?
  1. I lost my photos in my hardware with no reason. Don't know why and it makes me wanna say 'what the fax(?)'
  2. I can't update my deviantArt. Even I was submitting one new deviaton it can't see. Something terrible but, once again I don't know why and how to repaire it!
  3. Hemm, hunting photo for OSIS's proggramm? Felt excited tomorrow. Now? *huekss *yakss
  4. I lost my digital pocket camera's 'kabel data' HUEMMMM........
still jsadt~ with stifler? haha mostly



wanna sleep bye blogie besties ;)

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